Toby Young’s Free Speech Union under criticism

While Toby Young’s new initiative Free Speech Union is welcome among defenders of free speech, he has not gone far enough according to two prominent free speech activists in Europe.

Aia Fog at the Danish Trykkefrihedselskabet wrote recently about Young’s project as giving free speech rights to the chattering classes while being silent on #TommyRobinson.

Anne Marie Waters at For Britain has similiar views concerning Tommy Robinson and notes his failure to stand up against islam.

In 2016 both Waters and Fog spoke at a free speech conference in Stockholm, along with Douglas Murray, Daniel Pipes and Hamad Abdel Samad.

There cannot be limitations on free speech except for incitement to violence. Anne Marie Waters is clear in the distinction between naming Muslims’ overrepresentation in sexual violence against English girls and wanting to hurt all Muslims. The former is a fact, though not mentioned in the media for decades, the latter a crime, a true hate speech.

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